Meet Adopt Animals - A New Adoption Listing Platform 🎉

Written by Skye, Kale Charity’s Chairperson

Adopt Animals is brand new animal adoption listing platform 🎉 It’s a charitable service, designed to showcase animals that shelters, of all sizes, have available to rehome. Please support our work with a small, regular donation.

Animal adoption is something close to my heart - I grew up with an adopted dog, Harvey, who had a hugely positive impact on my childhood. Whilst working with Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, I discovered that there was an opportunity for a new type of adoption listing system, which could be charitable, impartial, and use our team’s collective industry experience to make something great.

We’ve been working on the project for a number of months now, and it’s shaping up really well. We currently have Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home listed on the website, with all their animals reliably tracked through being added, updated, and eventually successfully rehomed! There’s a beautiful website, as well as iOS and Android apps for great native experiences.

We’re seeking more shelters to join us - it’s entirely free, and charitable, and we’ll do the work to automate integration with shelters’ existing systems. If you’re in the UK reading this and wondering if your shelter can get on board, send us a message and let’s talk!

Our infrastructure is the main cost, but has remained stable at around $100 a month, through DigitalOcean. Kale Charity manages to fund around 30% of this at the moment, so we’re seeking more regular, small donations from supporters. Please support our work with a small, regular donation - every little bit helps us become sustainable.

Our plans for the future include:

  • Iterating on the core features, such as shelter distance calculation
  • Getting more shelters on board
  • Becoming sustainable with small, regular donations
  • Designing an animal management system, so shelters of all sizes can keep track of their animals

By building a best-in-class platform for handling shelter data, we’ll be able to add exciting new features. For example, we could add animal data analytics, detailing level of interest, average turnaround time, or how characteristics change viewing behaviour, letting staff make informed decisions about their listings. Shelter staff could update animal profiles, and take new pictures and videos, directly from their phones using our native apps. I’m really excited about the possibilities!

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